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The privacy policy of our website has been prepared by specialists at Holmes Dangen and Associates Limited. White Swan Global Markets endeavors to protect your privacy every time you log on to our website or even when you communicate with our representatives.

This privacy policy delineates White Swan Global Markets terms of use and explains in detail the use of the personal information that is collected from you or that you might give us.

Please keep reviewing the privacy policy as some changes are made to it occasionally to inform you about any changes or modifications.

1.  Information and Data Gathered

It is important for White Swan Global Markets to collect certain necessary data to operate its site successfully. This data includes:

(i) Data about your visits to our site, weblogs, location data, traffic data and any other resources used by you. These also include any communication data you have used.

(ii) Whenever you fill up any form on our site to register yourself or make a trade, we are able to collect that information.

(iii) Any information gathered from your communications with us, for any reason.

2. Use of Data

Whatever data is gathered and stored about you is aimed at serving you better. The collected data may also be used for the following:

(i) In case we make any structural changes to our website, or modifications regarding products or services that may impact how we serve you; we may also use your data to offer explanations for those changes.

(ii) We may use your information to fulfill your request under commitments made by us.

(iii) The data that you provide us may be used to give you information you wanted to retrieve from our website. This may be regarding our products or services. If you give your consent for communication regarding a particular product or service, we may send information related to products or services that would be of interest to you.

(iv) Your information may be used or given to a third party to provide you information about products and services that may be of your interest but not necessarily related to our services. We may even get in touch with you regarding these products and services as long as you consented to the same.

(v) If you wish not to receive any communication from our site, you can choose to decline it. This also applies to when you do not want to communicate to a third party. In case the consent request has not been approved by you, we will not use your information collected while you are still on our website and also not let a third party use it.

(vi) An old existing customer may wish to have information about services offered earlier.

(vii) We or a third party may contact a new customer if you have consented to that communication.

(ix) We assure you that no information is shared by us which may reveal your identity to our advertisers. Occasionally, however, we may give send them statistics regarding visitors on our website.

3. Personal Data Storage

There is possibility that we may garner your transfer data about locations that do not fall inside New Zealand law for storing and processing. The said information may be used by a company that is in agreement with our privacy policy and is connected to our company in some way.

All the information you provide is secured on secure servers. Every transaction detail is secured through encryption for safety of data. Data transfer through the internet in never fully secured, due to which it is not possible to give a guarantee of the safety of data transmitted electronically. Therefore, you must bear the risk of providing any information.

4. Use of Cookies

Please note that for our services we may garner some data about your computer. The purpose behind this is to perform our website’s statistical analysis to be used by us and/or our advertisers. This data is devoid of any sort of personal information. This means that it is not possible to make out or reveal your identity from any information that is shared. This actually includes mathematical figures regarding our visitors and what they do on the White Swan Global Markets website.

To collect this general internet statistics we may make use of cookies. It must be noted that, when used, these cookies do not prompt you before getting downloaded to your computer. All the cookie files get stored automatically on your computer’s hard drive, the place where files are generally stored. By using this data for our purposes we are able to further improve our website and services offered to you.

It may of interest for you to know that you can block all the cookies from being downloaded to you computer by using the options or tools menu of your browser, depending upon which browser you use. In fact, it is possible for every computer to decline cookies by changing browsers settings. However, doing so may restrict you from fully utilizing certain features on our website.

We do not take charge of cookies used by advertisers. If cookies are used, these will get stored on your computer when you click on advertisements displayed on our website.

5. Sharing Your Information

(i) We may forward your personal data to a group member, if applicable. Such a member could be a holding company or subsidiary we may work with, or their subsidiaries, if any.

(ii) Personal data could be shared with third parties:

  • In case we sell out our business or assets wholly or partly, we may allow a third party access to your personal data.
  • You information may be shared in order to minimize risk or for fraud protection.
  • We may share data in case of legal requests.

6. Third Party Links

Our privacy policy does not include Third Party Links to websites on our site. For that you will have to see their privacy policy. We cannot be held liable for third party links or even their privacy policy.

7. Contacting Us

If you have any questions or comments about this privacy policy, you are most welcome to send that to us. You can contact us at the following email address:


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