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a Poetry of Patterns

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At WSG Markets, we leverage the talent of the people who work here, modern computational techniques, and state-of-the-art research infrastructure to analyze large data sets across markets quickly and efficiently to maximize the effectiveness of our proprietary trading algorithms. We analyze petabytes of data sets across markets rapidly and efficiently.

Our Algorithm

WSG is a quantitative trading
firm where Technology and Scientific Research is central
to our business and key to our success


Leveraging Deep Learning Models to find the edge.


Structured process to stress test each strategy before launch


Use of robust architecture to handle exceptions


Using learning from 20+ years of trading experience to keep improving


Our team includes exceptional individuals with hands on coding skills, and a passion for excellence.We also look for experienced developers who have deployed systematic trading approaches across liquid asset classes FX, commodities and energy. Relevant programming experience includes Python, C++, Java, C#, MATLAB, R

We’re always looking for talented people to join our team.

If you know someone who’d be a good fit, please alert us!


Whether you are looking to break into the finance industry or grow your existing skill set, WSG will give you an opportunity like no other. You’ll collaborate closely with accomplished peers on cutting-edge research and develop deep domain expertise in one of many exciting areas available at this company!

A learning-first culture

The academic and industrial research communities are vital to us. We attend many conferences, sponsor in-house seminars with pathbreaking speakers from all over the world, but our most important connection may be that we remain deeply invested in what they accomplish outside of academia — both through these events as well as by listening closely when others speak about their work on panels or during coffee breaks after sessions end.

“The incredibly noisy data sets we work with is very challenging and at the same time very satisfying.”

Nishant Rana

Data Scientist


“I love the mixture of being collaborative but also independent in WSG. We have a flat structure and Its great to talk with different people on your team or management and share our ideas .”

Kundan Shaw

Data Scientist


We pursue challenging problems with passion. We’re curious about how things work, and our exploration often leads to the discovery of patterns that can be translated into a practical trading strategy–sometimes we just learn neat stuff!

“Working at the intersection of new datasets and unique business problems is a dream of every data scientist. I am fortunate to lead a team who have this opportunity everyday!”

Avinash Mishra



We have a deep understanding of how to read the financial markets, and we’re able take minimum risk with our algorithm. Not only do they give us insight into what will happen in real time but also let’s us know where there might be opportunities for profit later down road!

“It’s an open-ended problem that challenges you to find something real, and not just a statistical artifact.It’s a puzzle, it’s coding, it’s mathematics, and you get a lot of ownership out of finding solutions. I find that really satisfying.”


Director Analytics


Our AI

WSG's Machine learning algorithms takes in large data sets and combines them with different factors to create very accurate predictions. Our work consists of developing quantitative models to identify and predict market movements. Once a model has been rigorously researched and tested, we deploy it to run live on our automated trading systems. Our systems trade on electronic markets all over the world, day and night, without any human intervention.
We believe a strong culture of rigorous analysis and scientific research, supported by a robust infrastructure, is the bedrock of a successful quantitative investment firm.

Our Story

We trade only with the company’s capital. We are really proud of what we have accomplished since inception, but even more excited for all that lies ahead of us. We are still building, accessing new markets, trading new products and creating new strategies, giving you the opportunity to be involved in shaping the future of WSG. Indeed, the great majority of WSG’s growth profile is ahead of us.

Sabyasachi Upadhyay

Founder and CEO

Working at night


Here at the company, we hold true to our mantra of “ entrepreneurial spirit coupled with excellence in all things”. As you can imagine this means that there are many opportunities for growth within both your career and personal life outside work! Our culture provides a setting where people come together dedicated not only towards innovation but also each other’s success; whether it be through mentorship programs or development courses – whatever best suits YOU individually–we want everyone here feeling fulfilled by their experiences.


Our mission is to be a Leading Algorithmic Trading firm and we seek to automate all aspects of our business

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