About Us

About WSG

At WSG Markets, we leverage the talent of the people who work here, modern computational techniques, and state-of-the-art research infrastructure to analyze large data sets across markets quickly and efficiently to maximize the effectiveness of our proprietary trading algorithms. We analyze petabytes of data sets across markets rapidly and efficiently.

Company Value

Mathematics, innovation, and a culture of intellectual curiosity

Our Mission to be the leading financial technology firm for fair and efficient markets

Our Vision

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Our Mission

Our Mission to be the leading financial technology firm for fair and efficient markets.

Our Mottto

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Our Team

One Effort. One Vision

We’re scientists and technologists who happen to trade. We embrace full automation with experienced risk managers who carefully supervise our technology-driven trading. It’s a fascinating, creative field—we love what we do and always look for new ground to break.


Sabyasachi Upadhyay

Founder and CEO, WSG Markets

15+ years of Experience as a trader
Analytics evangelist with strong
experience of embedding data
driven decision-making culture in
forward looking organizations
Former Investment Banker Analyst,
research and consulting.



Director Analytics

8+ years of experience in Predictive modeling, machine learning, Marketing analytics, Linear regression, Time Series forecasting, etc.

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Avinash Mishra

Quantitative Strategist

11+ years of experience in Predictive modeling, machine learning, Segmentation, Digital Analytics, Churn Analysis, Next Best product, Market Basket Analysis, Test and Control, etc.

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Kundan Shaw

Data Scientist

3+ years of experience in Predictive Modelling, Machine Learning, Time Series Forecasting

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Nishant Rana

Data Scientist

2+ years of experience in Exploratory data Analysis, Process Automation, ML implementation.